Name: Zack

Date of birth: 29/05/82

Nickname: the tush tickler

Band status: Drummer

Instruments played: my drums n my self

Hobbies: bmx ridin, cookin (makin a mess in the kitchen), drinkin, hangin out with friends n avin fun

In a relationship? Only with my mirror. No I cant find no 1 stoopid e nuff 2 sleep wiv me let alone go out with me, so if ther r n e girls out ther who wanna av sum fun e mail me

Favourite food: I`m not a fussy eater but  pasta`s probably the thing I like eatin most

Favourite colour: black or blue or maybe even pink (just 2 make the boys wink)

Bands you are listening to now: the trailers c d (just takin a break from practicing 2 it)

Musical influences: blink 182

Happiness would be?: 2 find a women, 2 av aload a cash without no 1 noin so I cud by gifts 4 ppl n make out it was from sum 1 else, just 2 wind em up. 2 learn how 2 play the drums (something I always wanted 2 do) n 2 design my own house n av it built. 2 have success in with the trailers n opefully take it sum wer….Oh n 2 meet santa so cud ask im wer the hek my blow up doll was this xmas! But most of all 2 carry on havin fun n laughin hard with my friends

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