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26/06/04 - Yup, those of you who came to the gig in Brid last night will realise that my brother Daniel has joined the band on bass, this means that Daz has finally got his way and he can join me on the old six string. Be sure of better and bigger things with the band including some new songs and even some backing vocals.

13/06/04 - Well we didn't win the Richmond qualifying round, but we all had an awesome time. The band En V were sure winners from the start of their set, maybe more luck next year for us! New gigs added, and rumours of another member joining the band. Come see for yourselves at the Stirling Castle gig June 25th.

17/04/04 - Well what can I say? It's all happening at the moment. fantastic gig at the Adelphi, supporting Jesse James, nice crowd good atmosphere. (check out reviews page!) 15/06/04. Rumours of our first Unplugged, acoustic set at Sixties Coffee Bar, Brid. date (soon) so get down in big numbers to actually see if me and Hore can be musical for a change!

23/02/04 - Hey, we're in the final stages of recording our CD. It's a total DIY effort from recording the CD to Printing the Covers. It's been hectic the past few nights, and sometimes I had doubts whether we'd finish it. But it looks like its on track for release for the Sixties Coffee Bar gig on Sat the 28th Feb. 4 Days to go and so much more production to do! It's 3 by the way and grab a copy at the gig before our limited first run sells out. Signed on request (Hmmmm..)

27/01/04 - Hi there people, sorry bout the delay in the update but we've been busy learning new material including some different cover songs. Work has just been started on the fundamentals of our first E.P Release. What I can tell you it has a working title "From the top"  and track listing will be as follows:

1. Imaginary girl

2. Close your eyes

3. Forget the pain

4. Things will never change

5. Second chance

6. Count on me

Bonus Track: Breakdown

I'll post updates when we're into production.


19/10/03 - New gig date confirmed, We are playing at York's rock music venue: Certificate 18, Gillygate, York. Its on Thursday 27th November. Starts at 8.30pm with support from excellent post-hardcore band Next Day Delivery. We need all the people we can to get the place moving.

24/09/03 - One more addition to our Brid tour! We've just been confirmed to play at Leisure World for a fund raising event for the Bridlington Skate Park. (It's about time!) Its an all day event on Sunday 26th October and from 4pm till 9pm there's gonna be some  other awesome bands playing as well as us!

20/09/03 - Fri 31st October - Stirling Castle with support from Soma. There's something spooky about that and I'm not talking bout Zack's fashion sense! starts at 8.30pm. Fancy dress is optional :)

14/09/03 - Get ready for a Christmas gig at Utopia on Fri 19th December. We're sharing the night with Soma and its gonna be our last gig of the year and maybe our biggest audience yet (we hope!) and we might have a few festive tricks to surprise you.

08/09/03 - We're gonna play the Urban Kicks Festival in Scarborough at the Spa. Line up including, The Pony Club, Protocol, Shallow Dreams, 13 Hours of Everything and more TBA. It's an all day event on Saturday 27th September.

28/08/03 - We've done some more demo recordings and they are in the mp3 section. Stay in touch, Count on me, and Oliver's army. Post your comments on to the forum.

27/08/03 - The Trailers have 2 new gig dates Fri 5th September at Stirling castle with support from Soma, and Fri 12th September at Utopia with Pedestrian.

05/06/03 - The Trailers will be playing  at Sixties Coffee Bar, Bridlington on Sat 28th June at 7pm

10/04/03 - We said goodbye to Seb. we are now playing as a 3 piece band

06/04/03 - You can now buy our first demo Cd see the Store

09/03/03 - New website (about time!) Webmaster: Par

03/03/03 - New mp3s recorded in the mp3 section, no more cheesy drum machine loops thankfully!

01/03/03 - The Trailers will be playing their debut gig at The Ferns Carnaby at 9pm Fri 21st March, be sure to be there. We're not responsible for any loss of hearing.










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