Count on me


The summerís gone to sleep, the nights are closing in.

Even though youíre near, the loneliness begins to take control,

of the situation. I thought that heaven held a place for me and you,

But until then what will I do?


I donít think I know for sure what this life will lead to.

Maybe things will turn out right, nothing is for certain.

When I say these words to you, a promise that will always be whatever happens you can count on me.


Whatever happened to everything you dreamt about?

You only get one chance to prove yourself in this so called world.

All the times Iíve wondered, what if heaven held a place for me and you, but until then what will I do?


Whatís the point in being blind in what life can give you?

Your pessimistic ways will get you nowhere soon.

I have tried to be someone, someone youíd be proud of

Anxiety is not my key I need to make it stop.


Iím past the meaning of the point of no return.

And thatís just where Iíll stay,

Tied into this place that I call home.

I canít understand the way we come to learn,

The disrespect and jealousy.

Donít you worry you can count on me.