Ben Parcell

A/S Media Studies


“A movie which has had impact on you”


Big Fish, 2003

Director Tim Burton


The film for me which has had the biggest impact on me as a person would have to be ‘Big Fish’. The story is based around Edward bloom and the story of his interesting and sometimes far fetched life, The film is set in the time where Edward is coming of old age and doesn’t know how much longer he will live. Edward tells his story from his bed by means of him describing his action packed life to his family and mainly his son. His son on the other hand has never believed any of his fathers stories and claims that they are tall tales made up to make him sound interesting.  Edward’s story takes you from him as a child where he was always trying to better himself until he was a wealthy man and had become somewhat of a house hold name in his small town This in a way relates to myself because it made me realise that at heart I was exactly the same as his character and I needed to make a break for an interesting life.


Edward played by Ewan Mcgregor plays a charming and honest man as he relives the life of a now tired man in a series of mini stories. In the plot of the film at the start. There is a Giant who lives in a cave near by and all the residents of his town are all frightened by his presence so Edward puts himself forward and talks his way into making friends with the Giant. He then decides that he’s too big himself for the small Alabama town (a Big fish in a small town) and realises that he has to go on a journey that will make him fulfil his dreams. This made myself realise that there was more to life than my everyday average 8:00 -5:30 job that I’d been stuck in since I left school at 16. When I was at school I had all the skills and ability to go far in life and go through education and onto University but because I had the chance of going into work for my family business I chose the easy way out which guaranteed me work for a long term, a business which had been established more than 25 years prior. When Edward goes off on his journey to out into the unknown where he talks about “buildings as tall as the sky” and where everything is happening. He was bored of the small town life and is putting himself on a quest into the unknown, partially not knowing what lies ahead of him. This is what convinced me to leave a full time job of 6 years to go back into education to put back some excitement and variety into my career path.


The thought of not knowing what lies ahead and an uncertain future are quite a daunting thought for me but it was a risk that I was willing to take. My job had got extremely predictable and didn’t work my brain anymore and like Edward in the film I had reached a point were I had to make a name for myself and staying in a business that had already been built up was not my idea of a success.


When Edward finds himself in the bigger world, he arrives there with nothing but his clothes and soon finds out that in his town of birth he may well have been larger than life but out here he’s nothing but a small fish in an ocean. Although Edward has gone with nothing he has more ambition and courage to do anything and in turn finds his dream girl who he spends the next part of the story doing any work he can to try to find out who she is and is so determined that he will marry her. This part made an impact on me because I realised that nothing will come to me unless I try really hard, and people who are respected and have an enjoyable occupation don’t get it given to them on a plate. They’ve worked hard to get where they are and when they retire they can look back and see what they’ve achieved in life.


At the end of the film you find out that Edward’s tales where not actually far from the truth, all he did was add colour to them and he was an excellent story teller.

So as a conclusion this film just proves to you that not everything can be as dull as it seems, with the right imagination and creativity you can make the most out of your life.